Fossil Diggers VR is a non-violent puzzle adventure game with globetrotting, puzzle solving, fossil digging, and dinosaur building—where dinosaurs come alive before your eyes. Think Indiana Jones meets Palaeontology.

In a world recovering from a devastating war, you are a returning soldier searching for employment. Giant fossils are being unearthed across the globe and you’re recruited by renegade scientist Dr Peggy Noon to help prove her outlandish theory that “dinosaurs” once existed.

Travel to uncharted locations, dig up fossils and piece them together to prove that dinosaurs once roamed the earth. Your search takes a dangerous turn when you uncover the mysterious Particle 58, and when Peggy goes missing it is up to you to reveal the truth behind the lie: that these magnificent creatures hold the key to understanding our past—and a warning for our future.


May 2017

Development Started

March 2019

Awarded Unreal Dev Grant by Epic Games

April 2019

First Public Showing at QODE Brisbane

July 2023

Public Showing at Queensland Games Festival

August 2023

Public Showing at Gamescom Cologne


Development in progress, looking for publishers


  • Dig up, build, and watch as dinosaurs come alive before your eyes
  • Solve environmental puzzles to access new dig sites
  • Rock climb your way to new areas
  • As you progress, watch the environment evolve from chaos to serenity
  • Travel the world, each level in a new location with a new danger


Fossil Diggers VR is still in development, please contact us if you'd like to see more!

June 2023 Gameplay UpdateYouTube

Explore EnvironmentsDownload

Uncover FossilsDownload

Build DinosaursDownload

See DinosaursDownload


Awards & Recognition

  • "Unreal Dev Grant" Awarded by Epic Games on 19 March, 2019
  • "Epic MegaGrant" Awarded by Epic Games on 21 January, 2023

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